Assignment 5

Report at least two incidents of crowd sourcing from your everyday observations. You may report incidents you experience in person or by watching TV or videos online. What makes your examples representative of emergent behavior described by Steven Johnson?

I use a crowd sourcing app pretty regularly and that app is Waze. The app uses it’s collective group of users to report traffic jams and any other problems with the road and how to get to your destination the quickest.
Another instance of crowd sourcing I come across is asking friends that go to cal poly to let me know which classes to take and which teachers so we collectively know who to avoid or who to take.
This relates to what Steven Johnson describes in that the app waze takes a bunch of peoples knowledge to form a traffic database for everyone using the app to see. It’s a bunch of people performing a simple task like reporting an accident or traffic to inform everyone else. Just like in my situation where my friends and  I share information about classes and professors to collectively make us avoid mistakes that one of us had made.

Your reaction to the required Johnson reading

What caught my attention was the fact that in the beginning it is stated that a slime was “trained” to finish a maze and that made me want to know what was next. After that I was very loosely interested in the rest of the article but I can understand why this is such a profound thing because of the emergent system completely reinforces the idea that “two heads are better than one” or thousands… The only experience I have in this is in a game I played called World of Warcraft I was mining for ore and it took a hour to obtain x200 ores but with a group of people doing the same simple task we multiplied that number. Another instance is how the pyramids in Egypt were built. One person could not have done it, it took thousands of people doing simple and different task to create them.


One thought on “Assignment 5

  1. I also use crowdsourcing apps/websites such as Waze and Koofers and asking my classmates and friends about classes they’ve taken too. It is a great resource and pretty useful to have a community’s opinions, knowledge, and updates.


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