week 7

Week 7

7A – Discuss Nature as a Model. Consider any example that you or the general public considers to be sustainable and discuss why it is believed to be so. You can consider a sustainable practice, design standard or development strategy, a great idea for a forward-thinking business venture, or even a techno- or social-fix. Now analyze whether this same example is designed like nature using the same criteria we used in class. Has it eliminated the concept of waste? Is it net productive? Is it self-organizing, self-correcting and equitable? Is it emergent or simply an attempt to improve a broken system? You can use any practice, belief or design that you can think of, whether it is considered sustainable or not. Can you think of something that is sustainable but designed nothing like nature? Can you think of something that is not sustainable yet designed just like nature? In what ways was William McDonough using nature as a model?

Nature as a model is a great representation of what our designs and technologies should be replicating because nature has perfected its processes and methods and will go on without any intervention from humans. Recycling is something I would assume many believe is sustainable, but it is not entirely designed like nature. Recycling for the most part does eliminate the concept of  plastic waste but that would require all plastic to be recycled which depends on people to do so. Recycling is net productive, not self-organizing, not self-correcting, and is equitable. Recycling is currently just reducing plastic waste but if everyone would recycle and corporations would use less plastic recycling can be more sustainable. I can’t think of anything that is unsustainable and designed by nature or sustainable thats not designed by nature.

Your reaction to the required Gabor Maté video

I really like how Gabor brought up stewardship and how we view nature and animals as us dominating them and controlling them when there’s another view where we could be caring for nature and animals instead which would promote sustainability. Gabor states that our materialistic nature is the root cause for many problems, since we treat nature poorly and because so we create a toxic environment that affects peoples health. Gabor links a lot of health problems with social and economic issues since people who are more poor live in worse environments that cause stressors to the parents and thus stress to the child. An example he gives is that obesity can be caused by stress because people are stressed and they will eat to relieve stress temporarily. Ultimately, stress is a big problem in our society.



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