week 11

Assignment 11

How does sustainability fit into your career plans? What specific area or practice of sustainability would you like to pursue, if any? Are you likely to follow the advances pertaining to sustainability in any particular discipline outside of your own? Are you likely to consider a second or an interdisciplinary field?

Sustainability fits into my career plan by ultimately affecting my judgement when in a business setting. If I were to open a restaurant there are a lot of decisions I would have to make that could negatively impact the environment. It would be cool to make as many decisions as possible that promotes regeneration and turns away methods and products that are harmful for the environment. I think that a restaurant that is regenerative and is known to the customers would make customers feel better about themselves and in turn work as an advertisement and a knowledge spread about sustainable practices. I am unlikely to consider a second o an interdisciplinary field.

Discuss any of the unanswered questions that may still be lingering in your mind about sustainability. What continuing or new concerns, doubts or questions do you have as a result of having taken this course? What viewpoints expressed within the course content do you most disagree with? Consider the topic of sustainability in the mind of the American public. What would be most confusing or difficult for them? How do or would you respond to some of the rhetoric that has led to anger, confusion, false hope or indifference? What do you consider to be our greatest stumbling blocks to achieving sustainability? Is there a better, easier or quicker way? Are you more optimistic or less optimistic after having taken this course, if either? Are you more determined to make a difference?

I question whether my single contribution would do much in the fight for sustainability. I also question the progress of sustainability here in the United States and whether we are leading an example for other countries or actually doing the opposite. There was nothing much in class I really disagreed with besides giving up meat. I believe that we should some how make people who really want meat to hunt free grazed animals instead of farming them. That way a majority of people would simply not eat meat because they’d have to get their hands dirty. Right now it’s so easy to just walk into a store and buy meat products without thinking of how the meat got to the market in the first place. Most of the time when we purchase meat at stores we are paying for people to raise a tortured animal and then slaughtering them, yet most people believe their hands are clean because they simply just don’t think about the meat they eat and how it got there. I think sustainability is most confusing to Americans in that we think that anything green means it is sustainable but a lot of “green” things and methods may only be reducing harmful effects and not actually stopping it. I believe that sustainability must become a trend that’s “cool” and in that way people are more open to it and open to learn about sustainability. This course has a definitely made me more confident in what is sustainable and what is not and has definitely influenced me to at least try ┬áto make a difference.