week 6

Week 6

Briefly explain the degenerative economic systems model that we discussed in class using an example. You may use any one of the stories listed in the Optional Developments in the News section above. What is the role that regulation plays in the wasting of humaneness and the concentration of wealth?

The degenerative economic systems model shows a cycle containing mass production, mass consumption, collective dehumanization, regulation, concentration of capital, wealth and power and Mass extraction exploration. It is all connected into a cycle where resources make wealth and power then wealth and power make more resources etc… Regulations serves as a misguided notion that it is making the economic system regenerative when it is really just a quick fix. For example, consumption problems like obesity can be regulated by a diet but that is just a quick fix when nutrition and availability of healthier foods is the long term fix.

Your reaction to the required RiP! video

At first i saw the duration of the video and was very reluctant to watch it but I began watching it and time actually flew by real quick with all the interesting information in the video. I never really thought of copyright being a bad thing in limiting creativity. I didn’t realize that so many songs derived and were inspired by other songs. I also did not know that I copyrighted by downloading free music online. I thought it was also great how the film connects the evolution of how we communicate and share and how copyrighting actually criminalizes it. I liked how the video connected copyright with how culture grows and comes from somewhere just like creativity, music, movies, ideas, etc… The past is important for the future because it helps us build on ideas and things that already exist and improving them. Overall the video was interesting.