week 8

Assignment 8

Hemp and rule of Law Video

I was actually really surprised at what HEMP actually was and looked like. I always thought that the hemp plant was marijuana and was a drug but in fact it looks like any other agricultural crop and it definitely is not marijuana. I thought that it was ridiculous how the DEA does not even allow the research and claims that it is a “slippery slope” which is ridiculous knowing how Hemp can create such great products like fabric and as a strong alternative to plastics. I was also shocked that other countries allow hemp farming but not in the united states. Hemp should definitely be popularized and be used as a building material since it is strong and green.

Your reaction to the optional video interview of Noam Chomsky

I’ve never heard of Noam Chomsky and was surprised at how well known he is in his field. He is definitely an intellect and speaks so. I thought it was surprising when he mentioned how if you go to other countries like Argentina or a country in Europe and came back to America he said it would seem as if this country is a 3rd world country. I thought that was quite a claim but at the same time I agree with what he’s saying because I’ve been to Sweden, Japan, and London and honestly the infrastructure there is much better thought out especially the transportation systems. The buildings and streets are cleaner, education is better, health system is better, yet we our supposed to be a great county.
I thought it was also very interesting how he mentioned how our transportation system has no improved much at all in 60 years. Other countries use their money to improve their infrastructure, healthcare systems, education, and transportation while we’re spending all our money in the military and corporations.
Chomsky basically trash talked the U.S. for a hour and that was amusing.